New Zealand Visa

Broad Overview of New Zealand Visa

There are many different New Zealand visas available, and the most common visa classification depends on the length of your stay.

You may want to submit a visa application for on of the Temporary visa, if you want to visit, work or study in New Zealand temporarily.

On the other hand if you dream of living and working indefinitely in New Zealand then a Residence Class visa might be a better option for you to consider. Both categories have further classifications depending on the purpose of your stay.


Temporary Entry visas

You can stay for a fixed-term, e.g. 6 months to study, work or visit. 

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Residence class visa

You can stay in New Zealand indefinitely.

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Business visa

There are both work and resident visa options. 

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New Zealand Visa Process – Quick Overview

A New Zealand citizen may travel to, enter, and remain in New Zealand at any time without the need for a visa. However, if you do not hold a New Zealand passport you may only travel to New Zealand when you hold a valid visa or when a visa waiver applies.

A visa also gives you the right – should you be granted entry permission on arrival in New Zealand – to enter and remain in New Zealand. It is important to understand that obtaining a visa itself is not a guarantee for entry to New Zealand.

When you want to obtain a visa you need to apply for one. This process involves completing and sending an application to Immigration New Zealand; Immigration Officers process each application and decide whether or not to grant a visa. Before sending your application to Immigration New Zealand you may ask a professional – a Licensed Immigration Adviser such as ExperieNZ Immigration Services – to assist you and give advice on your situation.


Let a Professional Help You with Your Visa Application

For each New Zealand visa you have to meet specific visa requirements. As it can be very time-consuming to sort through your options and information on New Zealand visas, using the services of a qualified Immigration Adviser can help to reduce stress when putting together a visa application and allow you to spend more quality time with your family and friends.

Furthermore you might not be able to meet the requirements for the visa you would like to obtain. Using the expertise of someone who deals with New Zealand visa requirements on a daily basis may just make the difference. The knowhow on how to find and interpret the available information on New Zealand visa gives me the advantage to set out a pathway which might enable you to reach your goal.

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