Entrepreneur REsident visa

Entrepreneur Residence visa

Under the Entrepreneur Residence category applicants who can demonstrate they have been actively participating in business and contributing to New Zealand’s economic development (whilst holding an Entrepreneur Work Visa or Long Term Business Visa (this category closed December 2013)) can apply for residence, along with their partner and dependent children.

Your must show that you have successfully established a business in New Zealand that realises the benefits outlined in the business plan , and have operated that business for at least 2 years. If you have invested at least NZ$500,000 you may be eligible for a Entrepreneur Residence visa after six months.

A business is considered to add significant benefit to New Zealand if it can demonstrate that it has
promoted New Zealand’s economic growth by, for example,introducing new or enhancing existing technology, products or services, as well as by creating new or expanding existing export markets and creating new job opportunities.

The difference between the two categories lies in the amount of investment funds and the fact that the Entrepreneur Plus category has the requirement of creating three Full Time positions for New Zealand citizens or residents, while the Entrepreneur category gives an opportunity for business people who want to progress to residence straight away and bypass the LTBV requirement.