SMC Points system

Do you meet the pass mark?

The Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) is a residence class visa for people who have certain skills that New Zealand needs. SMC uses a points based system to assess a person’s eligibility. You can score points on factors such as age, qualifications, work experience etc.

Calculating your points yourself often leads to incorrect conclusions about the number of points you think you can claim (it is often less than you think). You have to have a good understanding of the Immigration policy to assess the number of points that you can claim correctly. It can be a rather complicated process with so many variables to consider and conditions to meet.

If you are considering an application under the Skilled Migrant pathway I strongly recommend you complete the Detailed eligibility assessment. For a small fee I can assess your situation and give you an accurate indication of the points you will be entitled to claim.

For those who would like to how many and in what categories points can be claimed, please download the file below. I do urge you to contact me for an accurate assessment.

pdf eoi_points_calculator_-november_2015.pdf

For the last couple of years only those claiming 140 points or more and those claiming 100 points or more AND have an offer of skilled employment were selected to apply for residence.