Student Visa

Who needs to apply for a student visa?


Everyone who comes to study in New Zealand from overseas must meet certain rules and requirements to be granted a student visa. Students who want to enroll in recognised study programmes with Government recognised educational institutions must hold a valid student visa before commencing study. Those wanting to attend a short course of study for up to 3 months can do so on a visitor’s visa without the need to apply for a student visa. For many people, studying towards a New Zealand qualification can be the most effective way to build a long term future in New Zealand. If long term settlement is your goal, a study to residence pathway is most effective.

Requirements for a student visa

To obtain a student visa applicants must normally have:

  • a formal offer of enrollment from the institution
  • evidence of payment of the tuition fees
  • guarantee of accommodation (depends on age of student if this is required)
  • financial support for the term of their study
  • satisfy INZ that they are of good health and character and are genuinely intending to study.

Please refer to the “fees for international students” guide from Universities New Zealand for an overview of tuition fees.