From Adventure to Burden 

In recent months the news has been flooded with stories of migrants who have been in New Zealand for years, built a life here and had to leave because they were not eligible for a resident visa or worse, a resident visa application was declined.

For many people moving to New Zealand starts out as an adventure. Everything is exiting and new and renewing for a new temporary visa a number of times doesn’t really matter to them. But after a couple of years, they have built a life here and have friends and a good job. They have settled and suddenly the prospect of having to apply for a new work visa becomes unsettling and the uncertainty of whether or not it will be granted becomes a burden.

 Stay or leave?

They decide to apply for a resident visa but have never really looked into it or the information they had is outdated. And soon they realise there is no chance a resident visa will be granted or they have forked out the Immigration New Zealand fees to strand at the EOI process or even worse to get their resident visa application declined.

It is important to understand that the requirements on occupations and jobs are lower for a temporary work visa than for a resident visa. Only people with an occupation on the List of Skilled occupations are eligible for a resident visa. Different additional requirements are in place for occupations in part A, B and C of this list. In principle, any occupation can lead to a work visa, although in real life it doesn’t work this way.

Know what your options are in the long term before you move to New Zealand (and keep up to date) or inform yourself well before you apply for a resident visa to see if your eligible.

There is, of course, a vast group of people that wants security as soon as possible. They usually wish to start their resident visa process as soon as possible. The difference with the group described above is that they usually are well informed.