In addition to being a licensed adviser, Feija van Bokhoven acts as a Supervisor to a Provisional license holder.
A regular monthly fee of NZ$400 (plus gst) is charged, which includes the first 2 hours of supervision each month and the mandatory formal fortnightly meetings. This will be charged monthly even if there is no supervision provided.
However, it is expected that a new provisional license holder who may not have a large caseload of clients from the start, will still need supervision. Supervision must include a component of professional development. Therefore, in quiet months there will be more emphasis on the personal development.
Beyond the second hour, subsequent time is charged at NZ$175 per hour (plus gst) and will be calculated in 15 minute blocks.
A provisional license holder cannot provide advice without the supervision from a licensed adviser (as approved by IAA). This means that a supervisor is not just checking application forms, but supervision is also provided at regular moments during the process, including when advice is sought to provide initial advice to prospective clients.
It is anticipated that most provisional license holder seeking supervision from Feija will be in a different geographical location and therefore the supervision will be provided electronically via web, email, video conference (eg Skype) and phone.
For further information please contact Feija directly on or 022 381 5146.
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