New Zealand Visa Application Fees Increasing

New Zealand visa application fee increasing per 5 November 2018 The visa application fee is what Immigration New Zealand charges to process your visa application. You pay this when you submit your visa application online. Or, if you apply on paper, the most common way...

3 trends in New Zealand immigration sector

1. New Zealand Immigration: No Significant Cut in Migrant Numbers It's been quiet in the New Zealand immigration space over the last few months. A new Labour government was elected at the end of last year. One of their major topics was immigration. With a specific...

Long Term Skill Shortage List 2018

Long Term Skill Shortage List - What is it? The Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) identifies occupations that have an absolute (sustained and ongoing) shortage of skilled workers both globally and throughout New Zealand.  A work visa application may be simpler for...


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