Work in New Zealand

Working abroad can be one of the most exciting adventures of your life.  From seeing incredible places to meeting amazing new people. Working abroad doesn’t just expand your career horizons, it also changes the way you see and experience the world.  Going on a vacation is great, but there’s something really unique about immersing yourself in a new culture and living as the locals do. And getting paid for it too! To set yourself up for success for your work in New Zealand journey, here are the top essential things you need to know to be a working abroad pro.

work in New Zealand

Get a job

If this is your first foray into working abroad, already having a job lined up before you go can make a world of difference. Some people simply transfer within their existing company. But, for those who seek a different adventure, there are lots of options. Explore remote jobs using sites like We Work Remotely or freelance platforms like Upwork. Knowing that you have a job on the other end of your journey will make the transition much smoother. It will also set you up for success in your new role as an expat or Working Holidaymaker.

Save before you go

Even if you have a job lined up before you take off, you’ll need to save up to at least 2 months of living costs for your new country just to cover your bases.  Get familiar with what things cost in New Zealand. There are many unforeseen expenses that can come up. Having that safety net will prevent you from running out of money.  Whether it’s hidden broker’s fees for finding somewhere to live or inflated costs for buying new furniture, you can never have too much extra cash to help get you settled in your new city.

Get the right adaptors

It may seem oddly specific, but the number one tool you will need abroad is your multi-country adaptor. This is non-negotiable as every country has its own unique electrical situation.  Since replacing all of your electronics is serious overkill, the adaptor will become your best friend. One piece of advice: make sure you check the voltage of your electronics and that they adhere to that country’s standards. No adapter in the world is going to save your hairdryer if you plug it in and it’s the wrong voltage.

Money matters

When you first move to a new country, setting up a bank account can prove tricky and time-consuming. Getting a credit card can be even more complicated. You may use your country of origin credit cards for quite some time. Make sure that you have a card that has no foreign fees. Bring a backup card (for a different account) that you don’t carry with you on your person. If your credit card or bank card gets stolen or goes missing, you won’t have a bank you can just walk into to replace it. It can take some time for replacement cards to arrive, so keep yourself covered by having a spare.

Get international health insurance

Speaking of coverage, getting health insurance can feel rather daunting. New Zealand has its own set of rules about health insurance, and you may not be eligible for public healthcare. In order to mitigate the stress around this, there are a number of different international health insurance plans that can cover you to varying degrees. Many of these are affordable and will give you peace of mind. For full New Zealand health care funding, you need at least a 2-year visa.

Research visa options

New Zealand requires you to have a visa to work and live in the country. The visa process can be complicated and lengthy depending on your situation. Don’t worry, you can always find an immigration consultant to help you on your way.  There is a myriad of scenarios that can come up depending on your country of origin. Also, consider (Working Holiday) agreements that your country of origin has with New Zealand. Don’t despair, because there is a light at the end of the paperwork tunnel as long as you’re organized and well informed.

Being prepared before you jet off on your adventure will help mitigate a myriad of different problems that can pop up when you’re first settling in. There will be days where you feel overwhelmed and unsure of your next move. Just remember – this is an incredible opportunity and once you get to know how your new digs operate, you’ll be living like the locals in no time!

This article was originally published by SendFriend and is republished with their permission.